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The Simplicity of Cremation

An increasing number of people are choosing cremation over the more traditional burial. Many of these people decide on cremation due to religious, environmental or simply personal reasons. Additionally, a large number of people decide on cremation because it offers an affordable alternative to the typical funeral service, which often includes costly caskets and pricey cemetery plots.

How does it work?

Cremation is a clean and ecologically safe process in which a body is reduced to its basic elements. The deceased is placed into a casket or container, which is inserted into the cremation chamber. The temperature of the chamber reaches about 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. After approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours, the remaining bone fragments, called cremated remains, are carefully removed from the cremation chamber. These cremated remains are then processed into a fine powder-like material and placed in a temporary container provided by the crematory or an urn purchased by the family. Throughout the entire process, the crematory uses a carefully controlled labeling system to ensure accurate identification of the cremated remains.

If you have additional questions or concerns about cremation, the Francis P. DeVine Funeral Home staff will offer you more details and information about the cremation process. We will explain the various cremation options available to you and your family and discuss your specific preferences.

Your options

Some of the many cremation options we offer include:

  • Funeral service prior to cremation, followed by a traditional burial
  • Funeral service prior to cremation, followed by interment in a mausoleum, crypt or columbarium
  • Memorial service with viewing, followed by cremation
  • Memorial service with cremation remains present
  • Memorial service after cremation, followed by interment in a mausoleum, crypt or columbarium
  • Immediate cremation without memorial service
  • Immediate cremation followed by memorial service and/or scattering ceremony




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