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Why Prearrange?

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Aunt Jody's Merry Memorial Party

Aunt Jody has never been a big fan of sadness and tears. She just doesn't think there's any room for sorrow in such a beautiful, blissful world. She believes in living life to the fullest and celebrating each and every day as if it were your last. And she has always loved parties. Whenever the family has a get-together, it never fails-Aunt Jody is always the life of the party and the hilarious center of attention.

Because she lives in such happiness, Aunt Jody doesn't want her funeral to be about grief and sorrow. When her time comes, she wants her family and friends to celebrate the fact that she has gone on to a better place. She wants them to eat, drink and be merry-she wants her funeral guests to wear bright colors, not morose shades of gray and black. She wants her loved ones to dance the night away and talk about the great times they had with her when she was alive. Aunt Jody is happy with the way her life has turned out, and she truly believes she's lived it to the fullest so she sees no reason for tears and mourning at her funeral.

Because Aunt Jody realizes that her desired funeral is definitely not traditional, she decided a couple of years ago that she should put her wishes in writing. She visited her local funeral home and discussed her options with the helpful staff. She worked out every single detail-from the cheerful music that will be played and the type of wine and champagne that will be served to the brightly colored tropical flowers that will be displayed. This ensures Jody that no one will go against her wishes and hold a conventional, melancholy funeral after she passes.

Because she has pre-planned every detail of her memorial service/party, Aunt Jody can live the rest of her life free of worry. After all, she's never been one to worry before. Why start now?




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