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My Best Friend is an Angel

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My Best Friend is an Angel

by Victoria

It was at the crack of dawn when the awaited visitor came to room 504. It is true what they say about Death. When Death is near and you keep still you will feel Its presence.

I was very tired. I had not had a decent night's sleep for as long as I can remember. I sank, almost drowned in a sleepy whirlpool, in a chair across the room. I sensed Death nearing but I could not pull myself up to walk over to my father's bed. I was too tired. I was too weak.

I heard my father's voice inside my head. His voice was even and calm. I heard him whisper "I love you." I closed my eyes trying to stop tears from welling over. No, not then. It was too soon.

I felt as if Death had intentionally walked slowly to give me more time with my dearest dad, my hero and my best friend.

I will remember him for many things. For the time when I was three years old and he apologized to me for mistakenly scolding me for something I did not do. This was an act of bravery and humility I will always admire my father for. He never whitewashed his imperfections.

I will never forget the time when he treated me as an equal in the field of work we both shared. He was a genius of a man and a professor with a heart. I was 19 and just at the beginning of a career that will be my tribute to him.

I will remember him for taking me in after my "prodigal daughter" act when I ran away with my boy friend at age 24. He did not ask any questions. He was just glad to have me back.

He held my hand until I fell asleep when at 26 my boy friend died. He was there for me...

In 2000 when he was diagnosed with cancer, I never expected him to be braver than I ever gave him credit for. He reconciled me with Death, allowing me to see Death as a Majestic Angel, coming to take him home.

I am still hurting. I am lost without him... this is a normal process of grieving I am going through. I know, but it helps a whole lot now that I know for certain that I have an ANGEL for a best friend.

Daddy, I love you...I will see you again in time.

A daughter




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