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Eternal Love

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Eternal Love

by Donalde2002

Elise was my fiancee' who I met in my forties and she was the love of my love. My soulmate you could say. We were together for 3 years and she transformed me with her love and brought out the best in me. Unfortunately, Elise had systemic lupus which affected her kidneys and which she bravely fought since she was 21. Elise never quit and courageously fought each day against obstacles we could only imagine.

One other thing. Elise loved cats. It is safe to say she was obsessed with them. In addition to her cat, our house was loaded with everything imaginable pertaining to cats. We shared this joy as we could not have children for health reasons.

Elise was 29 and semi-invalid most of the time but she miraculously was able to go on a planned vacation with me to Maui, Hawaii in early February, 2002. This alone was a miracle. We went on the trip and Elise thought it was the most beautiful place she ever saw and we had a few good days. But, Elise soon got sick and rest did not help and on February 8, 2002, in Maui, Elise suddenly and unexpectedly died while I was at her side in the intensive care unit of the hospital. The coma she was in prevented us from saying goodbye. Yet, Elise always told me, no matter what, to remember that she loves me and always will, no matter what happens. I was alone and in shock. Our dreams were destroyed by the disease she fought so hard against.

On the day after she died, February 9, 2002, I took a drive on the road to Hanna through northern maui. This is a fifty mile road through an actual rainforest. One of the most beautiful areas on earth. I had with me some water, (the only thing Elise could drink) some Pringles, which she loved and could not eat, along with a tulip. I was going to commune with God and Elise and write a message in the jungle with the hope it would help me go on. I found a beautiful place by 2 waterfalls about 21 miles in. After sitting on a picnic bench, I started crying and writing when I sensed a presence to my right. Immediately, I looked up and there were 3 domestic cats staring at me. A white siamese, a black one and a tabbie.

This was in the middle of the jungle and was truly a miracle. They ate the pringles and I laid down the tulip and message and was able to go on. This was no coincidence and was Elise's was of telling me she was all right and that she was at peace.

I know that my love is fine and it is very rough without her each day, but her spirit and courage she exhibited each day despite enormous odds allows me to go on. We had only 3 years together but I will cherish everymoment that we ever had together. That is far better then an eternity without ever having experienced her love. True love does exist and really never dies. I have enclosed a picture of this miracle.

I am a 45 year old criminal defense lawyer who has a whole new outlook on life and spirtuality due to recent events.




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